Monthly Archive: May 2020


Building an Anchor Bridle

Last summer, we spent some time at anchor.  Kestrel has an anchor windlass, but no central cleat or post on which to lock the anchor rode down.  There is an opening on the port side of the anchor locker hatch cover leading to the bow cleat, but it is awkward...


Solar Charging System Post #4 – Installation

Welcome back boat nerds for my fourth and final installment of building Kestrel’s solar charging system.  This post will address the installation of all components and commissioning of the system.  Solar Arch Installation Installing the arch took me two days, only about twice as long as I planned.  While the...


Solar Charging System Post #3 – Charging System Design

There is a lot more to building a solar charging system beyond the panels and mounting hardware.  You can think of the overall system as a three legged stool.  The first leg is the energy source side, the panels and how they get mounted to the boat.  The second leg...